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In 2023, The Passion Center is looking for five amazing, gifted, ministerial interns who want to make a difference in the world in a holistic, justice-oriented way. Are you the right folks? 

We are looking for: 

  • Passionate about Jesus, Justice and People.
  • Eager to work with a non-traditional hybrid faith community.
  • Between 19-30.
  • Hard-working, driven, and teachable.
  • Have some talents to share with the team.
  • Considering making ministry a full-time calling and looking for meaningful experience.
  • Desiring to discover and grow in their gifts.
  • Hungry to be coached and mentored in their spiritual and character development.

What you would do as an intern:

  • Work with and be coached by members of our Executive Team
  • Gain real life ministry experience creating a non-traditional faith community that comes with no blue print
  • Be an ambassador for the Passion Center and help our people find us.
  • Prepare and deliver relevant and engaging messages on our social media platforms.
  • Help founding team create a space that is welcoming pushing the norms of traditional faith spaces. 
  • Help founder carry out the vision of the Passion Center.
  • Be involved in our various community events.
  • Choose a speciality based on your gifting and passion.

What you get as an intern:

  • Free food
  • Free books 
  • Exposure to some of the best justice oriented practitioners in the country
  • Personal and ministerial coaching and mentoring 
  • A cohort of interns to connect with and learn from
  • Monthly leadership development learning with your cohort of interns by participating with the Passion Center's church planting arm Passion2Plant cohort of national planters and leaders

We'd also love it if you:

  • Realize the importance of caffeinated beverages at team meetings
  • Love starting and building, imagining and creating
  • Can exhibit your organization and planning skills in a choreographed karaoke performance where the founder may or may not join in
  • Have an amazing sense of humor
  • Love Boxers but any animal would do

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