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On September 22, 2022 the son of Dr. Liz & Hiram Rios transitioned from this place to the next.  To keep his memory alive and to bless others who have to care for a special needs child we are thrilled to introduce the Daniel J. Rios Memorial Fund.
The mission is clear: to support and uplift these families, who often face hardships behind closed doors. Due to medical negligence DJ was awarded money that helped keep him comfortable and with every need met on this side of heaven and now the family wants to pay it forward. This fund will award scholarships to organizations serving special needs children and their families every September (DJ's birth/death month). 
From September 2023 on, the Memorial Fund under the auspices of the Passion Center will be dedicating itself to spreading smiles and providing essential support to those who need it most. Contributions to the fund will directly impact the lives of special needs families, offering them a helping hand, a listening ear, and a reason to smile even on the toughest days.
The family is immensely grateful that DJ had all he needed on this side of heaven, but they understand that not every family is as fortunate. Through the Daniel J. Rios Memorial Fund, the aim is to create a lasting impact, one that reflects the love, courage, and resilience DJ embodied.
Join us in this heartfelt endeavor. Let's turn DJ's memory into a beacon of hope for families in need. Your donation, no matter the size, will make a difference and honor his legacy in the most beautiful way. As plans are solidified, notification of who will be the first recipients of the fund will be announced. 
Donors can give directly to the cause via this link  to give to our 2023 cause or give to us to contribute to our ongoing causes. Every year there will be a new recipient.
Thank you in advance for your donations! Together, we can light up the lives of special needs families and ensure that DJ's spirit continues to shine brightly.