The Year of the Pandemic

Episode 12 - August 2020

In this episode Dr. Liz speaks with Pastor David Swanson on his new book, Rediscipling the White Church: From Cheap Diversity to True Solidarity.

It’s important to realize that a discipleship approach to racial justice and reconciliation depends on a community of Christians. There’s nothing especially innovative about this; for generations, Christians have gathered for corporate worship and, by participating in shared liturgical practices such as singing and Holy Communion, have together had their desires aimed toward the kingdom of God. By its very nature the Christian life is communal; individuals find new life within the locally expressed body of Christ. It’s not that we lose our individuality when we become Christians, but that who we are as individuals finds fuller and truer expression within the community of saints.

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Episode 11 - July 2020

In this episode we talk with Marlena Graves, author of the book The Way Up is Down. This book actually made Dr. Liz cry in some spots! You even see that in the interview.

These words from Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard resonate deeply with Marlena Graves, a Puerto Rican writer, professor, and activist. In these pages she describes the process of emptying herself that allows her to move upward toward God and become the true self that God calls her to. Drawing on the rich traditions of Eastern and Western Christian saints, she shares stories and insights that have enlivened her transformation. For Marlena, formation and justice always intertwine on the path to a balanced life of both action and contemplation.
If you long for more of God, this book offers a time-honored path to deeper life.

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Episode 10 - June 2020

View this interview with Pastor Jay Kim as we talked about how digital churches can try to have an analog feel. In addition, we talk about:

-The three major contributions that have improved the human experience in the digital age.
-The four laws of media that might be good questions that pastors ask with their team to ensure they use technology in the best way possible.
-How digital informs and analog transforms.
-There is a difference between entertainment vs engagement.

Pastor Kim ends with an encouraging word for pastors in this digital age.

Episode 9 - May 2020

Dr. Rios chatted with Minister Terence Lester. Terence Lester is a minister, speaker, community activist, author, and founder of Love Beyond Walls, a not-for-profit organization focused on poverty awareness and community mobilization. His campaigns on behalf of the poor have been featured in USA Today and Black Enterprise, and on NBC and Upworthy, and have been viewed by millions of people globally.

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Episode 8 - April 2020

Dr. Rios chatted with author, professor, activist and pastor Dr. Robert Chao Romero on his soon to be published book (May 2020) Brown Church. In particular, we talked about what got him started on this journey to research how the Brown church was involved in justice causes and what his hopes are for the book and the church at-large.

What he found was that the Brown church has be involved in justice issues for over 500 years. Listen in to our conversation.

Robert Chao Romero

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