The Passion Center (TPC) and the Latino Leadership Circle (LLC) have merged to form a faith community.  We hope to facilitate mutually supportive Christ-centered circles of Latina/o leaders from everywhere who engage the world and serve as a catalyst for personal and community transformation.

One of the primary ways we seek to nurture Jesus followers is through our culturally rich small-group methodology called “La Mesa”. “Mesa” is the Spanish word for table. In the Latina/o culture the dinner table is a place of intimate conversation and fellowship. Our delicious foods are enjoyed “en la mesa”, and afterwards we stay to have special conversations, sometimes light,  sometimes weighty, but the words spoken “en la mesa”, at the table, are always special to us and provide us with a unique sense of connection to one another.

Still today, in many of our countries of origin, it’s customary for extended family and neighbors  to casually pass by our homes and share a hearty lunch. No one is  turned away and somehow there is always enough food for everyone who comes to “la mesa”.In the Scriptures, the table is a place of great significance. The Tabernacle had a Table of Showbread, which had 12 loaves representing  God’s steadfast provision for His people, the 12 tribes of Israel (Exodus 25:23-35).

We hope you will join our Mesa family from whereever you find yourself. During this COVID season, we primarily meet via Zoom but do plan on having in person gatherings, especially in our hub cities in South Florida, DC and NYC.