This conversation is based on the book, She Deserves Better  a must-read book for moms of daughters, designed to equip her with the skills she needs to confidently step into God's plan for her life. Based on surveys of over 28,000 women, The Great Sex Rescue author Sheila Wray Gregorie and her daughter present an evidence-based and biblically-grounded message of sexuality and self-worth to help raise strong and confident young women. Get the biblical advice you need to make sure your daughter knows who she is and has the resilience to face life's challenges.

Hosted by Passion Center founder, Dr. Liz Rios and special guest co-host Nilda Bailon (mother to a nurse and entertainer and grandma to two girls), both who were raised in the Pentecostal church with their own stories, this will be an open honest forum for how they survived so trauma related to toxic teachings on sexuality, how girl mom Nilda taught her girls to survive and how moms everywhere can teach their girls to do the same!