Brava means many things in Spanish but it also means brave and courageous. In English it also means to applaud a woman. Both of these definitions are the essense in which we use the word here at the Passion Center. We applaud brave and courageous woman who are not afraid to stand for Jesus AND justice.

Brava celebrates and educates women like Esther, a Jewish Queen of Persia who brought deliverance to her people. Esther was brava. Her remembrance is a reminder to us that God is very much behind the sense of our lives always guiding and controlling according to His purposes. As in Esther’s life, coincidences are not accidents, but God’s way of demonstrating to us that He is present and having His way in our lives. We gather to learn from many sources including the foundational book "Becoming Brave" by Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil. Our goal is to encourage and support the brave/brava women who seek to follow Jesus and pursue justice in this time in history.